What is this blog about?


This is a blog detailing the reflections of an adult child of an alcoholic, or ACOA. The content in this blog may be upsetting or triggering to some readers but I wanted a way to express my true inner thoughts and feelings for others to know that they are not alone, that there are millions of us out there, and we are all looking for ways to heal from our abnormal and dysfunctional childhoods.

This blog will help you to gain insight into the mind of an ACOA and is perfect if you are an ACOA yourself, if you are married to an ACOA, or even the child of an ACOA as alcoholism and its effects can span over generations. Please note that these are just one person’s experiences and are not representative in all situations and families.

This blog is not a substitute for therapy of any kind. I am not a psychiatrist, therapist, or psychologist. I am just one more ACOA trying to make sense of my childhood (or lack thereof) and find my way through this life.